MONO's aim is to create positive impact on society. We are committed to continue earning the trust our stakeholders place in us, therefore we believe in a business approach that contributes to sustainable development by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits. MONO places huge effort toward Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), increasing growth and implementation of its policies and programs year by year. Our goal is to deliver excellence based on the skills and ability of our people, while protecting our environment.


Mono Group is committed to the highest possible standards of environmental and quality performance as a business priority. We work with our partners to ensure that our products are consistent with all applicable environmental and quality regulations and laws.

This means that we:

  • Carefully plan in the preparation phase, and systematically control all of the production processes
  • Measure design to avoid defects, accidents and breakdowns
  • Review optimal use of resources in order to realise continuous improvement in all areas of activity

Under the position formulated in the Management Manual, we are bound to continuous improvement within the company. This is a task for all employees, and requires strict compliance with all rules included in the Manual, such as operative and procedural instructions.

MONO is working and certified according to IIATF 16949_2016


We are proud of our long history of managing our performance in order to minimise its impact on the environment. We operate our factory safely and reliably. We’re fully aware that human factors and operational excellence are crucial factors affecting efficient environmental performance.

This means that we:

  • Take the necessary measures to ensure a safe and healthy workplace, protect the environment, save energy and natural resources, and prevent the pollution of the environment through the enforcement of the proper control and technologies
  • Monitor and measure our performance, and comply with all provisions of law.
  • Review our practices and processes with a pre-defined regularity, in order to adapt to the changing environment and improve our performance.
  • Promote and support the creation of such a culture, in which cooperation for the benefit of the environment is crucial. We ensure that safety and health are the common responsibility of all employees, the management and the business partners.

MONO is working and certified according to TQM standards and ISO 14001:2004

Quality policy

Management System Certificate

2022 Annual Energy Referent Report

2021 Annual Energy Referent Report

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2018 Annual Energy Referent Report


MONO’s aim is to create a workforce that embraces every culture, language, age, sexual orientation, disability, background and experience –- and giving a voice to those differences. In our daily work, we strive to uphold the highest ethical business standards and practices, with respect for human and labor rights, while doing everything we can to promote and protect our employees’ well-being and safety. We will never sacrifice our values or purpose for the sake of short-term profit.

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The Hungarian Red Cross organizes blood donation events every half year at MONO. To ensure the safe blood supply for the country all over the year, more than 500 000 units of blood is needed. Thanks to the voluntary work of our employees during these blood donation events, we can support the recovery of a great number of patients.

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