About us


About us

We design and manufacture premium automotive interior decor elements using wood, aluminium, carbon, and innovative materials. We wish to exceed our clients' expectations by consistently providing high standard of production and creative solutions.

Our aim is to deliver excellence based on the expertise of our employees.

Mono is more than just a factory. It is a team of professionals who are dedicated to automotive interior elements. A unique attitude towards manufacturing and creative thinking what makes MONO extraordinary. MONO is using the experiences and know-how of the past decades together with today’s innovative technologies to shape the future of automotive interior design.

Reliability, flexibility, creativity, punctuality and premium quality (are just a few factors) that play an essential role at MONO. From a single concept MONO is able to create masterpieces with the highest precision of manufacturing. Embracing our know-how from the past blending with the ambition of learning something new every day is the the very foundation of MONO's philosophy.


Relentless focus on cost leadership, execution and quality. With more than 30 years of expertise in the automotive industry, MONO is providing the highest quality products meeting and even exceeding our customer specifications.


That’s our people who make us who we are today. Human-centered thinking is the heart of the company. We create an inspiring work environment to motivate our employees to express their creativity, their passion, to work as a team and be proud of the premium quality products and services they deliver.


Creative manufacturing brings design to life. Being able to think outside of the box is the key to push the limits and discover new areas giving birth to exclusive products.


Shape(ing) the future of automotive interior decor world. Innovation is at the roots of the company. We're striving for continuous improvement and always looking for new technological solutions. We’re working towards a hybrid model where automation and humans work hand-in-hand. We learn from each trials, productions, experiences, and looking ahead with innovative mindset.

IATF Certificate